How to Incorporate Your Test Team Into Software Development for Better ROI

“Testing is so boring.”

The bore of testing is a frequently mouthed complaint that comes from people in testing who are not mentally stimulated by their work. They are no longer challenged at work and are now bored by testing. Meeting someone that does find a challenge in the work process is rare. The problems they are faced with are multi-faceted and complex.

The solution is simple. When a company embraces the test team as software development engineers who test, it encourages the team to find interesting bugs and design issues, rather than expending their time and energy on things that are of interest to them. 

Testing can be fascinating and stimulating in a variety of ways, the key to engulfing your staff lies within test design. Test design is central to both effective and efficient testing, the engineering of tests, as well as a crucial element of every successful test automation project. Test design is the engineering of a test to accomplish your quality goal. It takes knowledge, intelligence, understanding, vision, business acumen, and a certain variety of mental sharpness that most people usually do not associate with testing.

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Happy testing!

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