The Benefits of Automation Testing for Voice First Devices

Amazon Echo and Google home are both vying for control of your smart home. Both of these platforms are ushering in an era where voice first devices will become as ubiquitous as the smart phone is today. Amazon Alexa Voice Service, the technology that powers the Echo family of devices is already boasting over 10,000 skills or functions that can augment the usefulness or entertainment value of the platform, and more are being added all the time by third parties. Amazon is even licensing this technology to be built into third party devices like Sonos Speakers and Ford’s Sync car entertainment system. The need for testing of these custom skills and devices will be become more common place in the future like how mobile app testing is today. There is a unique challenge involved when testing voice first devices. Continue reading

Tony Luu
Tony Luu has more than eight years of experience in QA and Software Life Cycle Development. Tony is currently a Senior Project Lead at LogiGear Corporation, and has lead project development for several clients, most notably including Linkedin, Cisco and LeapFrog. Tony received a Bachelor of Applied Science in lectrical and Electronics Engineering from Purdue University.