Software Tester’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year again and love seems to be in the air (with lot of hearts and overpriced roses). No. Not this year will you be running to the store to get a mediocre box of chocolates. LogiGear has your back for Valentines Day 2019.

We understand how hard it can be to have great gift ideas for any occasion, but we especially recognize how difficult it is to find a gift that is a little more meaningful, special, and unique for Valentine’s Day.

Our Testing Experts brainstormed and did the hard work for you! Here’s our top picks for the perfect gift for your beloved Tester.

1. Raspberry Pi

Image Courtesy Raspberry Pi

A cool, small, and affordable computer that your Valentine can use for almost infinite possibilities. One of our favorites was a smart mirror. Feel free to get some good old fashion pie for a funny combo.

2. A new Laptop or Smart Phone

Image Courtesy

There have been plenty of updates and new tech which has come out in the past year. We all know how frugal our testers can be. This might be the perfect opportunity for you to help them update their tech!

3. A Personal Assistant Robot

Image Courtesy

Picture this: Your significant other comes home dragging along dust and dirt from their long day but this time, instead of rolling your eyes and sighing, you sit down on the couch and start a little Netflix binging before bed because your iRobot Roomba 960 Robotic Vacuum is cleaning on schedule, under the furniture, and is getting the job done.

Think your Tester needs a friend? Try Asus Zenbo, a robot who learns, adapts to you, and can provide companionship, assistance, and entertainment when you need it.  Zenbo can even read stories to your children, help with reminders, control home devices, and act as a security system. It’s an awesome gift for that tech loving Software Tester.

Or the more adult version: Vector by Anki. Our robot companions are finally here! Get one as a special gift for that special someone. 

4. A Cruise

Image Courtesy

Everyone needs an escape once in a while. Why not ship your significant other away to test the waters? You can even come along too! A Valentine’s gift where everyone wins!

5. Amazon Gift Card

Image Courtesy Amazon

One of our LogiGear staff recommended a $15,000 Amazon gift card to buy electronic devices. The great thing about this present is that you are free to give any amount you wish and your Tester is free to choose what they please. No thinking. Simple. Fast. Easy. How Software Testing should be 😉

6. Telepresence Robot

Image Courtesy Beam

A cool and techy gift idea that transforms human interaction. A way for your significant other to communicate and be present no matter where they are. Beam has a pretty good one to check out.

7. Noise cancelling headphones

Image Courtesy Bose

Is your loved one always traveling and flying to get to work? Do they occasionally complain about babies crying, people snoring too loud, or people keeping them from taking a nap because of their talking? A classic set of Bose headphones might leave them speechless and delighted.

8. A Bug Swatter

Image Courtesy Amazon

To kill bugs of course! Spring is here and bugs are arising. Make sure your loved one is ready to deploy an electric zapper and get rid of the annoying bugs lingering around.

9. Candy

Image Courtesy

Maybe some Nerds for your beloved nerd? Valentine’s Day is all about being sweet so why not give them some sugar? 

10. A little love and downtown

Image Courtesy

Allocate some time just for them! This was our most popular gift idea. Sometimes the life of a Software Tester carries too much stress, relaxing and really taking that time to breathe is essential for success in the future.

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