Interview with Guido Schoonheim, Manager at Xebia IT Architects– LogiGear Magazine

As a pledged Scrum fanatic, Guido answers field questions from testers on how to address offshoring challenges dealing with Agile practices.

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Guido Schoonheim
I currently work on improving the Mac Centrify Identity Management Suite of products.
My work involves supporting, testing, development and securing this software stack, which is run on various UNIX, Phone, Windows and Mac platforms.
I have more than twenty (20) years of QA-Testing/Development, Professional Services management and Sales Engineering experience. In all my roles, from sales, teaching engineering training curriculum, large team management & direction and hands-on execution of test development, automation and testing.
My specialties include Functional and Scale Automation with Ruby, Python, Applescript, JavaScript, .NET, Automation frameworks. Security testing with Skipfish, Metasploit and other penetration tools.

Prof. Jeff Offutt in An Interview Discusses How He Became A Software Tester – Logigear Magazine

Prof. of Software Engineering at George Mason University, Offutt discusses how he originally was a math major but switched when he took his first programming class.

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Jeff Offutt
Professor of Software Engineering in the Volgenau School of Information Technology at George Mason University and editor-in-chief of Wiley's journal of Software Testing, Verification and Reliability.

Mark Levison of Agile Pain Relief discusses his views on outsourcing – LogiGear Magazine

Levison made the transition to Agile in 2001 and has since become a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach with Agile Pain Relief Consulting.

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Mark Levison
Mark Levison has over twenty years experience in the IT industry, working as a developer, manager, technical lead, architect, and consultant. He discovered Agile in 2001 and is now a Certified Scrum Trainer and Agile Coach with Agile Pain Relief Consulting.

Levison has introduced Scrum, Lean and other Agile methods to a number of organizations and coaches from executive level to the individual developer and tester. Levison is also an Agile editor at InfoQ and has written dozens of articles on Agile topics and publishes a blog - Notes from a Tool User. Mark's training benefits from his study and writing on the neuroscience of learning: Learning Best Approaches for Your Brain. Email Mark at

Exploratory Testing with Jonathan Kohl

LogiGear Magazine interviews Jonathan Kohl, a consultant providing a variety of services in software development and for IT teams. Kohl discusses his mentors, testing methods and where he finds his best testers.

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Jonathan Kohl
Jonathan Kohl is an internationally recognized consultant and technical leader. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada he is the founder and principal software consultant of Kohl Concepts, Inc. Jonathan helps companies define and implement their ideas into products, coaches practitioners as they develop software on teams, and works with leaders helping them define and implement their strategic vision. He is also a popular author and speaker. As a thought leader in mobile application development, developing policy and strategy, and helping teams adjust to methodology changes, Jonathan doesn't just write and talk about developing software, he actively helps teams deliver the best products they can.