The September Issue of LogiGear Magazine is Finally Here

Many organizations understand the importance of Test Automation. Not only does it increase the overall software efficiency, it also ensures the high quality of the software upon its release. However, not all test teams are on the same page in regards to their progress with Test Automation. There are test teams that are currently struggling to make progress with Test Automation, and then there are the teams that have been doing significant automation for a long time. Wherever your teams currently fall in the path towards successful Test Automation, it’s important to understand what it truly takes in order to succeed.

LogiGear Magazine has released its September issue, The Secrets to Better Test Automation, to reach out to leaders, managers, and test teams alike to provide them with a wealth of knowledge in order for them to succeed with Automation. We provide detailed insight in our articles on the latest Test Automation trends in the software testing world today. Whether you’re trying to design the perfect testing strategies for your mobile apps, or customizing your ERP systems to work cohesively with your complex business activities, this Test Automation issue will help you get over those automation hurdles.

Not only have we included insightful articles, we have also curated a short-list of Test Automation videos for both beginners and advanced testers, a glossary of the most prevalent terms in the world of Test Automation, and a book by Alan Richardson that provides a step by step case study of automating and testing REST APIs.

One key issue we also wanted to address in our Leaders’ Pulse column, was the aspect of HR issues for Tech Leaders. HR plays a very important role in any organization, small or large. How a leader or manager handles HR issues within their organization will have a very large impact on their leadership ability, credibility, and ability to keep their team productive. Co-founder and editor, Michael Hackett, brings the subject into the light by discussing some critical issues that leaders and managers need to be aware of.

Whether you’re just starting your Test Automation journey or have been automating for a long time, our September issue can act as a guide on Test Automation strategies, proven automation practices, and more.

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