Software Testing trends, Blockchain and more in latest issue of LogiGear Magazine

As the year comes to a close, we take an in-depth look at the trends that will shape the future of software testing in the December issue of LogiGear Magazine.

Today, we are in a time of great change. We may not realize it today, but in a few years, when we look back on this era of software development, we will say, this is when everything changed.

It is important to take note that this is a special era, with advances making leaps and bounds in tools, processes, and technologies. Particular to our business, the biggest set of change has been in tool use, as well as process changes. Every organization today is now continuously looking to get rid of outdated methods and experiment with lean practices—and now CI/CD have changed product development forever.

With there being so many changes, we decided to touch on several big ones that we predict having a big impact on testing in this issue. From Blockchain and SmartContract Testing to Trends that will be large in 2019, we predict the AI will also be big. Both Mike Clarke and Regg Struyk offer their views on how AI will impacting the software testing industry. Michael Hackett’s part 2 of “TechManagers and Leaders” covers time management, productivity, and tips for hiring and firing. We also have an exciting feature, we polled our readers to tell us what trends they thought would be big for 2019.

Check out this, and more:

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