Testing ERP Made Simpler with TestArchitect’s New Integration for Oracle EBS

As a Silver Level member of the Oracle PartnerNetwork (OPN), LogiGear’s test automation solution, TestArchitect, now integrates and provides support for Oracle Enterprise Business Suite (EBS). Oracle EBS is a comprehensive suite of integrated global business applications that enable organizations to make better decisions, reduce costs, and increase performance, so it’s no wonder that it is one of the major enterprise applications that Oracle offers. Being one of the world’s largest tech companies, Oracle offers many tools for database development, fully integrated stack of cloud applications and platform services that allow companies to meet company-specific requirements, whether it’s performance, security, and many more. However, it’s Oracle EBS that LogiGear is most excited about.

TestArchitect integrates well with Oracle EBS. It’s also one of the few test automation tools in the market that has native support for Oracle Forms for the most reliable object recognition, whether they’re web-based or Java-based. By integrating TestArchitect with Oracle EBS, you’ll be able to get a successful automation implementation practice set in place that will allow your products to be delivered to market in a timely manner.

TestArchitect is powered by Action-Based Testing and is a codeless test automation framework that is both easy to use and powerful. Figuring out how to navigate Oracle EBS may be somewhat complex, but integrating TestArchitect will make Test Automation with the Oracle business app much easier.

Using TestArchitect will help you avoid the following test design mistakes that can potentially delay and undermine the success of your test automation:

  • Long winding test with many steps. Test steps that are too detailed and have been designed on a detailed step-by-step basis.
  • Not using logical name to ID the GUI elements resulting in massive updates when applications change
  • An unclear clear scope for the tests
  • Irrelevant verification points for the scope
  • Too many interaction tests while not having enough business tests

With the integration of TestArchitect and Oracle EBS, the ability to develop and implement the right test automation processes, run tests and develop products to deploy to the market has become more simplified and easier to navigate.

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