Celebrate Microsoft’s Visual Studio 20th Anniversary with TestArchitect for Visual Studio

Microsoft’s Visual Studio is kick starting their 20th anniversary with the new launch of their upgraded tool: Visual Studio 2017. The IDE improvement will be ready to download on Tuesday March 7, 2017, and will coincide with Microsoft’s virtual event taking place March 7 – 8th.

LogiGear is no stranger to the benefits of Microsoft’s Visual Studio tool and have coupled it with our own TestArchitect to produce a high-quality product which delivers an application designed to exceed customers’ expectations, paving the way for a fully functional, continuous integration environment.

TestArchitect for Visual Studio, Microsoft Team Foundation server, and Microsoft Test Manager work easily in conjunction with each other, letting you define testing based on the same team projects other areas of your organization use.

One of the major advantages to TestArchitect for Visual Studio is how it expedites test automation on a large scale. You are able to:

  • Create and maintain tests quickly without coding
  • Increase test coverage & decrease testing time
  • Rapidly release software with confidence

Learn more about how TestArchitect can work with continuous intergration, by reading this article of TestArchitect Corner from LogiGear magazine. Test cases created in TestArchitect can be run as part of a test plan in Microsoft Test Manager (MTM) by associating the automated tests with the MTM test cases. The Auto Map Test Case feature can easily and automatically associate test cases to accelerate test execution.

It is an important part of your testing to be flexible and interchangeable. TestArchitect with Visual Studios allows test development to create tests before the software functionality is complete. As requirements change or a new platform is added, only minimal modifications are needed to maintain the tests.

All of this helps to ensure that the integration of your software development and tests is matched by a new level of integration and communication across organizational teams. TFS-MTM integration allows you to leverage the test development and test run capabilities of TestArchitect with a host of software tools offered by Microsoft’s Application Lifecycle` Management (ALM) ecosystem. Developers who work with Visual Studio extensions (VSIX projects) will find several fixes that are of importance to fix debugging and build issues with those projects.

TestArchitect Professional for MS Visual Studio brings an ideal cross platform continuous automated solution with support for a full range of desktop, web and mobile applications allowing you to go to market with confidence. To learn more about how TestArchitect can work for your organization, visit TestArchitect.com for a free trial.

Tiffany McClure
After earning a Bachelor's Degree in Media Culture, focusing on journalism and creative writing, Tiffany has built her career in a number of sectors; from an Editorial Assistant in a startup magazine, a Media Consultant in a media company in South Africa, a Marketing Executive in a startup business in London, and now a Managing Editor in Vietnam's Leading Software Testing Company.