How to Use Actions in Multi-Station Testing – The Lead – Deputy Model

In his latest TechWell column, Hans Buwalda discusses multi-station testing with actions, in particular using the “lead-deputy model.”  In this model, a lead machine is responsible for most of the UI interaction of a test, but will also assign commands to the one or more “deputy” machines. The “deputy” machines work like normal test machines and are able to interpret and execute actions. They can work in sync with the lead machine, or in parallel.

Read Hans’ full article online at You will also find an example there of how this can work in a system for bank tellers.

Hans Buwalda
Hans leads LogiGear’s research and development of test automation solutions, and the delivery of advanced test automation consulting and engineering services.

He is a pioneer of the keyword approach for software testing organizations, and he assists clients in strategic implementation of the Action Based Testing™ method throughout their testing organizations. Hans is also the original architect of LogiGear’s TestArchitect™, the modular keyword-driven toolset for software test design, automation and management. Hans is an internationally recognized expert on test automation, test development and testing technology management. He is coauthor of Integrated Test Design and Automation (Addison Wesley, 2001), and speaks frequently at international testing conferences.