5 Fallacies About Test Automation

“A clever automation engineer alone is not enough to fix a situation where tests are not well designed.”  

When it comes to opinions on test automation, LogiGear CTO Hans Buwalda, has just about heard, and seen it all. In his latest Techwell column, Hans Buwalda talks about 5 common fallacies seen in test automation and his preferred method for fixing them.

The top five are as follows

  • Good automated testing is automating good manual tests
  • Automated tests are always dumb
  • Automation is a technical challenge
  • Return on investment should decide what tests to automate
  • Keywords will solve all your test automation problems

To read more about each fallacy, view his original post on Techwell

Hans Buwalda
Hans leads LogiGear’s research and development of test automation solutions, and the delivery of advanced test automation consulting and engineering services.

He is a pioneer of the keyword approach for software testing organizations, and he assists clients in strategic implementation of the Action Based Testing™ method throughout their testing organizations. Hans is also the original architect of LogiGear’s TestArchitect™, the modular keyword-driven toolset for software test design, automation and management. Hans is an internationally recognized expert on test automation, test development and testing technology management. He is coauthor of Integrated Test Design and Automation (Addison Wesley, 2001), and speaks frequently at international testing conferences.