These are the 10 Best Software Testing LogiGear Blog Posts of 2020

At LogiGear, producing content is one of our favorite things to do as it allows us to help our readers find success in their Software Testing. With the throngs of Software Testing content being produced every day, we wanted to make sure you didn’t miss any of our top blog posts of 2020; so, we’ve put together a list of our 10 best performing software testing blog posts from this year. From desktop application testing, to how to build a Selenium framework, to strategizing and measuring the results of your Test Automation, these pieces all offer various ways to improve your SDLC and end-product quality. Check them out!

1. 12 Best Automation Tools for Desktop Apps in 2020 by Thuc Nguyen

Desktop App Testing may not be growing as fast as mobile and web app testing, but it’s still a crucial, day-to-day duty of many Testers. Ignoring desktop app Automation is simply a luxury that many organizations can’t afford. This article lists out the best Automation tools for automating functional testing of desktop apps, including WinAppDriver, TestArchitect, Winium, and more.

2. Building a Selenium Framework from A to Z by Thuc Nguyen

This blog post covers all you need to know to build a Selenium framework successfully the first time.It starts by discussing the high-level architecture of a Selenium framework and guides readers through the steps necessary to build the core components of a Selenium framework; the post will also cover the utilities we can add to enrich our Selenium framework and increase productivity. This blog post aims to fill in that knowledge gap by guiding you through the process one step at a time, by providing an outline of the 8 major steps to build a maintainable Selenium framework. Given the popularity and widespread adoption of Selenium as an open-source tool of choice, most anyone in Software Testing and Development can benefit from this guide.

3. 5 Incredibly Useful KPIs for Test Automation by Prashant Hegde

Test Automation brings speed, efficiency, reliability, and replicability to Software Testing––and is essentially inevitable in today’s Agile environment. Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play a crucial role in measuring the effectiveness and accuracy of your team’s Automated Testing efforts. These 5 universal KPIs give insight to items such as your Automation coverage levels, your ability to identify and remove bugs, and give practitioners feedback and areas for improvement in their Test Automation programs. They also provide business stakeholders insight into what Automation can achieve, as well as direct measures of the effect Automation has on efficiency and quality.

4. 15 Best Practices for Building an Efficient Protractor Automation Framework by Thanh Viet Le

These 15 best practices will show you how to build an efficient Protractor Automation framework. Building a new Protractor framework isn’t an easy task––and that’s why LogiGear’s Thanh Viet Le wrote this blog post. Thanh will guide you through various test design, test management, and test tool practices and tips that he has learned along the way so that you can apply them immediately to your Test Automation projects and achieve success faster.

5. How to Define Your Testing Scope by Sanjay Zalavadia

Testing scope is critical to implementing your Software Testing strategy and meeting the strict deadlines that Quality Assurance (QA) and Development teams need to both complete in-sprint tasks and send out deliverables. Learn 3 tips using Agile testing methodologies to help you define your testing scope and keep up with all requirements.

6. 3 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Retrospective (Part 2) by Prashant Hegde

In the 2nd part of a 2-part series, we explore 2 retrospective activities: the Starfish Retrospective and the Three Little Pigs. They are designed to reflect and analyze an Agile Team’s way of working to help push the team towards a higher rate of efficiency. Learn how you can spice up your retrospectives with these creative approaches.

7. 3 Ways to Spice Up Your Next Retrospective (Part 1) by Prashant Hegde

In the 1st part of a 2-part series, we analyze the Sail Ship Retrospective to help you overcome the most common problems with traditional retrospectives. Traditional retrospectives get slack for being too boring, being tedious, being an afterthought––none of which are conducive to improving efficiency. Check out this post to make your next retrospective more meaningful and more impactful.

8. Keyword-Driven Testing: The Best Practices You Can’t Afford to Miss by Thuc Nguyen

Keyword-Driven Testing (KDT) increases many Test Teams’ agility and saves them a lot of money in the long run compared to the early-days approaches. With Keyword-Driven Testing’s proven ability to reduce scaling costs, increase test development, and increase Automation coverage, read on to learn 3 framework best practices your Test Teams can use for their KDT journey.

9. How to Develop a Test Automation Strategy by Prashant Hegde

Organizations have embraced Agile and DevOps to deliver high-quality software in a faster and more efficient way. Test Automation is considered to be one of the biggest promoters of agility, but the investment in Test Automation will not deliver its value with an ineffective strategy! In this article, we will discuss how to devise an intelligent Test Automation strategy composed of 4 guidelines that can help us prevent common Test Automation failures.

10. Fun & Games: Keep Training Lively by LogiGear Staff

Training is crucial to any Test Team’s success. In order to be effective, training has to be fun to inspire changed behaviors and the adoption of new practices; it must be interesting, motivating, stimulating, and challenging to be engaging enough to maintain interest. Check out these our top training activities and recommendations on how to manage various learning styles (visual learners, online learners, etc.) to see how you can improve your team’s next training session.


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