Inside The Latest Issue of The LogiGear Magazine

We already know that Test Automation continues to rapidly grow in demand; with Test Automation University enrollment surging to 20,000 in just 6 months combined with the fact that IT jobs are expected to grow 22% by 2020 in the United States alone, the job market will be competitive, and filled with candidates that have the skills necessary to boost team productivity, work efficiently, and deliver measurable results.

But in a competitive market, how can you hire skilled Automation engineers and how can testers differentiate themselves?

Historically, the September issue of the LogiGear Magazine has focused on Automation; we do this not only because of our company’s 25 years of experience in Silicon Valley Testing Expertise, but because the Test Automation sector of the Software Testing industry is constantly developing, changing and we want to provide  you, the people of the Software Testing industry, with all of the knowledge and information required to successfully leverage Automation.

That is why this issue of the LogiGear Magazine is titled Advancing Automation. We want to provide you with the tips and tricks necessary to see what’s happening in Test Automation and make your Automation efforts worth it in the short term and long term. It starts with setting goals for your Automation efforts. Test Automation without a goal and a strategy is meaningless. Some questions to ask are:

  • What problems are you trying to solve by using Test Automation?
  • How will Automation fit into your current processes and workflows?
  • Which test cases should you automate?
  • Do you have the necessary skills and tools?

In this issue, we’ve created a collection of articles aimed to help you advance your Automation efforts and skills-a collection that will guide you to answering these questions.

  • These are the Best Uses for Test Automation: Our own Tony Luu explores the types of tests that will benefit the most from Test Automation from the beginning
  • How to Decide What to Automate: Our Blogger of the Month, Kristin Jackvony, delves into the 12 do’s and don’t’s of Test Automation.
  • Automated Web Testing with WebDriver using TestArchitect: This issue’s TestArchitect Corner, written by Van Pham, provides a guided demonstration using TestArchitect and Selenium’s WebDriver.
  • Hack Your Test Team’s Productivity: With IT job availability growing combined with Test Automation’s popularity, Christian Touhey explores the benefits your team will experience by investing in proper, Test Automation training.
  • Leader’s Pulse: How Emotional Intelligence Affects Leadership – Part 2: Michael Hackett finishes up his two-part series exploring the importance emotional intelligence holds in the workplace, offering tips and advice for managers looking to expand their skills.
  • Conversational User Interfaces: Breaking Down the Best Automated Testing Strategies: Noah Peters dives into a rising star in the testing industry: conversational UIs. From what they are, to testing strategies, to incorporating Automation, this article covers all you need to know about these intelligent assistants that are saturating the market.

And, as a special surprise, we want to hear from those of you at all levels in the Software Testing and Quality industry today—we want to hear and publish your story! We want to know what a day in your life is like, what tools and processes you prefer, what advice you would give to those hoping to join the field, and more! Fill out the form now and you could find yourself featured in the December 2019 issue of the LogiGear Magazine. This year-end issue, during our 25th anniversary year, is devoted to Tester Profiles: Real-World Stories! Here’s the link! We will also be publishing more profiles online.  

All in all, we hope you enjoy this issue of the LogiGear Magazine, Advancing Automation. You can download it now with this link!

Happy testing!

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