A Special Edition of LogiGear Magazine has Landed!

For as long as I have been in software testing, there has been a constant demand to grow technology, grow skills, automate more, and do it all faster (that is a given). What has been so remarkable recently is the rate at which these demands shift gears and move in different directions, new products, and evolving technologies.

It’s the new normal. The explosion of every aspect of technology– from development methods to tools to products– is more diverse and more cross platform than ever: shift left, Lower level API and service testing, data in the cloud, multi-tool test automation suites – and always faster.

This is, in the ten year history of LogiGear Magazine, our first issue on trends and we are looking ahead on all things that will cause an impact on the way we do testing. This includes the areas in software testing undergoing explosive growth and increased use, to which any responsible software tester must be knowledgeable in.

In this special issue our CEO, Hung, will be giving us perception of what he thinks are the new movements for 2017. Also, our contributor James Sivak, will be giving us his professional insight into security testing. We have plenty of noteworthy articles in store for you, including an exciting interview with Hans Buwalda, a newly launched video series on DevOps, and what test teams should know before embarking on the DevOps journey. I’ve also written a new edition of Leader’s Pulse, which discusses modern management theory, and ways to manage the knowledge worker. TestArchitect Corner also returns, and this feature discusses how to leverage TestArchitect for Platform Variations.

It’s not enough for us to dispense where we’re going, we want to hear from you—and in order to do so we launched a Testing Essentials Survey! It’s relatively painless, I promise – ten questions, five minutes, and it’s completely anonymous. We plan on sharing the results of the survey in the upcoming March Issue of LogiGear Magazine!

Michael Hackett
"Michael is also a co-founder of LogiGear Corporation, and has over two decades of experience in software engineering in banking, securities, healthcare and consumer electronics.

Michael is a Certified Scrum Master and has co-authored two books on software testing. Testing Applications on the Web: Test Planning for Mobile and Internet-Based Systems (Wiley, 2nd ed. 2003), available in English, Chinese and Japanese, and Global Software Test Automation (HappyAbout Publishing, 2006). He is a founding member of the Board of Advisors at the University of California Berkeley Extension and has taught for the Certificate in Software Quality Engineering and Management at the University of California Santa Cruz Extension. As a member of IEEE, his training courses have brought Silicon Valley testing expertise to over 16 countries."