Exploratory Testing with Jonathan Kohl

LogiGear Magazine interviews Jonathan Kohl, a consultant providing a variety of services in software development and for IT teams. Kohl discusses his mentors, testing methods and where he finds his best testers.

1. Can you tell us a little bit about your take on Exploratory Testing (ET)? What do you do differently than James Bach, for example?

I’m influenced by Cem Kaner and James Bach, and I have used a lot of their work as a base to build from. In my work, you’ll often hear me cite their prior work, but one of the interesting things with an exploratory approach is that it is dependent on the individual. That makes it hard to compare between one or the other tester talking about ET. Sure, the ideas are similar, and you’ll hear common themes from many of us, but the individual experiences and knowledge collected over time is very different…

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Jonathan Kohl
Jonathan Kohl is an internationally recognized consultant and technical leader. Based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada he is the founder and principal software consultant of Kohl Concepts, Inc. Jonathan helps companies define and implement their ideas into products, coaches practitioners as they develop software on teams, and works with leaders helping them define and implement their strategic vision. He is also a popular author and speaker. As a thought leader in mobile application development, developing policy and strategy, and helping teams adjust to methodology changes, Jonathan doesn't just write and talk about developing software, he actively helps teams deliver the best products they can.