A Spooktacular Lunch & Learn!

On the 22nd of October, there was an ominous mist in the cool night air. Skeletal trees seemed to claw at each other and the distant howl of what sounded like a werewolf echoed across the hills and valleys. As the mist lifted moonlight was cast across an evil bunny, a maniacal robot, a terrifying hacker, and a host of others (including a turkey and a giant beer) for the SHI Spooktacular Lunch and Learn session!

The costumes and filters were fantastic for the call, but didn’t take away from the important messages of the discussion; in fact, in the case of the terrifying hacker, it added to the importance of the message!

2020 has been an incredibly strange year for businesses all over the world. Many organizations have been forced to quickly set up remote environments for their teams, and, as a result, have discovered new challenges around processes and security that they wouldn’t have previously imagined. LogiGear, ExtraHop, and Crowdstrike have come together to offer organizations a solution to these spooky problems.

Everyone was in the Halloween spirit as they demonstrated their solutions.

Let’s have a quick look at the 3 partners:

LogiGear has had expert remote teams specializing in Automation and RPA distributed across the world well before this was the “new normal,” and are well-versed in working with global teams. ExtraHop is an industry-leading network detection and response organization. Their services allow customers to get unprecedented levels of visibility across their networks, helping to highlight bottlenecks, incidents, or intruders. Crowdstrike is an expert in cloud-based security, and their key focus is stopping breaches from happening in the first place.

The team spoke about 3 industries in particular who have been really hit by the pandemic:

  • Hospitality
  • Services
  • Travel

Each of these industries have had to make mass redundancies and furloughs to meet the economic strains caused by the pandemic. This means less people on-board to do the existing work in a strange new landscape. 

The partnership of LogiGear, Crowdstrike, and ExtraHop addresses this by significantly reducing the burden of security and network monitoring for a company, while offering real results in speeding up internal processes. The team gave an example of a large services company that used traditional onboarding procedures. Between the three of them, the magic trio reduced 90% of the data and time lost, bolstered security, and significantly improved the client’s network visibility!

In these uncertain times, this magic trio of a partnership can provide their customers peace of mind by achieving things faster and safer than ever before, giving them a real competitive advantage in this new business landscape––no tricks, all treats.

However, all work and no play makes for a dull magic trio––and where the Lunch and Learn really came to life was in the fantastic games and competitions!

After demonstrating their spooktacular solutions, the attendees were invited to do a show-and-tell to find a random item around them and explain what makes it special to everyone watching.  We saw cookies, some fantastic artwork, a wedding cake topper resurrected from the dead, a Mustang from the 60s, a Robot from the 80s, a rescue dog, and even a Bernadoodle!

Check out one of our Lunch & Learn special guests!
Another fun moment from the Lunch & Learn: Robot Rachel Martinez’s art show!

The day was wrapped up with a costume contest that was topped by Brian the giant turkey! What the spooky lunch and learn taught us is that with the right people and experiences combined, you can achieve scarily good results.

Happy Halloween from LogiGear and our partners!

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