The Ultimate Path to Success: Testing in DevOps

For many organizations, DevOps and Continuous Delivery are difficult practices to utilize. It is a challenge taken on by companies as a whole for the purpose of success and advancement. Too many businesses underestimate what it actually takes to flourish through these high payoff practices and suffer because of it.

LogiGear Magazine has released our Testing in DevOps Issue to reach out to leaders who are lacking the tools, or know-how to really succeed with DevOps. We have provided answers in our articles to the ‘bumps in the road’ with a deeper understanding of concepts trending in the Software Testing word . One key issue we address is the aspect of Team culture in Leader’s Pulse. Team culture isn’t expected to come into place and have as much of an impact to the practice as it does. Co-founder and editor, Michael Hackett, brings the subject into the light and saves leaders from the mistake of overlooking the importance of teams.

Whether you are just beginning your journey of Continuous Delivery or have already implemented a CD pipeline, it helps to have a solid practice at your fingertips ready to download for any professional workplace. The road to DevOps is rough but with the right support, tips, and know-how, things get a lot easier for everyone.

We curated this issue with the beginner in mind—it includes an exclusive interview with Dave Farely, co-author of Continuous Delivery. Along with Farely, authors like Lubos Parobek from SauceLabs*, Andy Tinkham from C2 Solutions*, and Dojo and Co’s* Joel Tosi contribute their great insight to Testing in Continuous Delivery.

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