This Is What You Need to Know Before You Start Doing DevOps

In a simple description, DevOps is Agile for Ops.

Today, there are many organizations that say they do DevOps or are moving to DevOps. These organizations usually have little in place to do so, or worse, they have no idea what they are doing. Without the culture change, empowerment, skills, and tools to make it happen, a team that attempts DevOps is headed for disaster. DevOps will highlight the shortcomings of a team on a larger scale, and faster than Agile could.

Let’s do things right! DevOps, like Agile, is about culture. In DevOps, the whole organization focuses on the business constraints and needs, rather than the entirety of organizational focus being on to development or operations schedules. In lieu of being at the mercy of development and/or IT/Ops, product functionality and cycles are delivered as the business needs it. DevOps is also more about changes in business and Operations/IT more so than changes in Dev and Testing.

In DevOps, test teams will work on more Ops tasks; building and maintaining environments, build promotion, provisioning, and monitoring are all becoming automated. With bigger and more intelligent Test Automation, test teams have a lot to learn and a lot to change. How they look at Test Automation must evolve and grow. When and where to use Test Automation, and how this cycle impacts our regular Dev sprints is expanding the roles of our test teams.

DevOps is a very large topic, but LogiGear Magazine has provided the first package of DevOps information. Challenge yourself and your organization in the era of DevOps, and if you’re looking to jumpstart your Continuous Testing, we can help. Our automation experts are well versed in Automation and can help you with our Continuous Testing solution.

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