Meet TestArchitect Team™ – The Newest Addition to the TestArchitect

We are pleased to introduce TestArchitect Team, the free — yet powerful — version of TestArchitect. The Team edition is equipped with all of the features needed in a smaller testing team.

TestArchitect Team comes packed with the same features that make the existing the TestArchitect line so valued — it allows clients to scale up test automation coverage and productivity by letting users construct defined actions recursively to maximize the reusability. This makes it an ideal codeless test automation framework, great for small Agile teams that are leveraging minimal programming expertise.

You can expect all the following benefits from TestArchitect:

  • Control in automation planning & development — TestArchitect allows business testers to create business-readable tests and related test assets as soon as the user stories are ready.
  • Control in scaling up test automation coverage — With TestArchitect, test automation shifts from automating test cases to automating app-level actions. Business testers with their domain knowledge can rapidly automate app-level actions using ready-made rich-functionalities built-in actions, and other app-level actions.
  • Control in adapting changes — TestArchitect embraces app changes by making adapting to them easy. TestArchitect offers features such as Screenshot Recording and Test Results Comparison to help you quickly spot the changes in the new AUT version.
  • Control in tool integrations & quality reporting — TestArchitect’s Reporting & Dashboard provides centralized, real-time and actionable reports to help Agile teams objectively assess application quality.
This new release of TestArchitect Team is completely free, and can be instantly downloaded from our website.
  • Free cost with access to all features
  • 2 node-locked users per company
  • 100 test cases
  • Forum support

For larger enterprise teams, we recommend TestArchitect Enterprise™. To learn more about the entire TestArchitect product line and all its advantages, visit

Thuc Nguyen
Thuc Nguyen has been leading the product teams at LogiGear in delivering quality test automation solutions to LogiGear's customers and services clients. Thuc has a great passion for helping organizations transform their Test Automation, Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices as well as empowering testers of all technical levels to thrive in complex enterprise environments.